I always wondered what it would look like when I finally went 'full adult.' As of now I still wear hoodies and tennis shoes essentially every day and I still watch cartoons. I know, I know... it sounds bad.

However, I think I took a big step toward dad mode this past weekend when I discovered that both Riverside Ave and 19th Ave in Sartell were both done (for the year anyway) being re-done. I absolutely lost my mind with excitement.

I took my five year old for a ride with me and he was just as excited as I was! We even high-fived a few times!

Let's face it: Pine Cone Road has been an absolute nightmare all summer long with these two roads closed for construction. I am sure that played at least a small role in my excitement, not having to sit in the roundabout white-knuckling the whole drive home which proceeded an inch at a time.

The new 19th Avenue is so awesome and the redo makes it so obvious how dangerous the previous configuration was. I have lived in Sartell and used that road for almost ten years and I had only seen two cars in the ditch during this time, which seems impossible given the narrowness of the street.

In addition, Sartell added two new walkways as well. One of them runs parallel to 19th Avenue and the other runs alongside Sixth Street South (which turns into Heritage Drive across Pine Cone Road).

Good work to Sartell for not only recognizing the need for these roads to be remodeled, but also for getting these projects done relatively quickly!

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