Can we all be responsible for our own actions... please???  And whatever someone decides to post on their own account should be up to them.  And if you don't like what someone, whom you follow, posts, guess what- you have every right to UNFOLLOW them.  Easy.

Video camera lens

I mean how many times have you been watching something, and you decide that you "just can't watch this" anymore?  I personally do that with Dr. Pimple Popper.  Gross.  It's absolutely disgusting.  And you know what... I don't watch that, I don't follow her or her posts, and I just don't have that in my life.

This person, named Tiffany, had a minor motorcycle accident.  She was with a friend who happened to be a photographer.  He took some pictures and made it look like it was a photo shoot.  Like a way to push a brand or something along those lines.  People took issue with it because it's was a real accident and it looked "glorified".

Well, you have the power... unfollow.  Done.


See how easy that was????  Now you don't have to see pictures that you don't want to on Instagram.