This story melts my heart because I am a cat lover. I think of our own rescue Sneakers when I  heard about this story. It’s an awful situation, but has a very happy ending.

An oil worker in Canada named Kendall Diwisch was in his truck last Wednesday when he found three kittens that were frozen to the road. I guess someone had left the kittens out in the cold and their tails froze to the ground.

Thank goodness Kendall found them in time and was able to free them by pouring warm coffee on their tails.  Now a video of it is going viral.


I am not sure how long the kitten were there but I am sure glad they were otherwise doing just fine. The kittens even liked the coffee that Kendall poured on their tails.

The driver brought them home and gave them some food and water. Later he brought them to a shelter and they were instantly adopted. The nice part is they were all adopted by the same person so they get to be together.

This story just warmed my heart and had to share it with you.

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