We now know the first location of the 60 sub shops coming to Minnesota.  According to Bring Me the News, the first location in Minnesota will be in Woodbury.  As far as where exactly this will be within the town has yet to be announced, but the plan is to have it open within the next 6 months.


Well, at least it's not another fast food chicken restaurant. It's not a car wash or a bank.  This time it's a sandwich shop chain originally based in Nevada..

Port of Subs is a very popular sandwich shop chain that has 50 years of freshness. They recently announced that they would be expanding their shops to various parts of the nation, with 60 of those shops heading to Minnesota.

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You may have seen some of these sandwich shops in various airports.  The one that I can think of is the Las Vegas airport.  There is a Port of Subs sandwich shop right at the gates of departure.  I have tried them. I thought they were very good.  Lots of things to add to your sandwich, and you can enjoy them either hot or cold. Your choice. They also have yummy Ghirardelli  brownies for sale there too.

Right now, the exact location of these new shops is not known, but we do know that the bulk of them will be located in the Twin Cities metro area.

Port of Subs will develop the locations alongside Pat Mancuso, a serial entrepreneur who brings a background in residential property management and multi-unit franchise ownership in Minnesota with Keller Williams Real Estate. 

Pat Mancuso first tried the sub sandwiches for the first time at the same place that I tried the sandwiches.  It was in the airport in Las Vegas.  He said he tried the sandwiches and was immediately hooked.

The development deal will bring Port of Subs’ exceptional quality and flavors to local communities in the 7-county metro area. The Mancuso’s aim to open the first location within the agreement in the next six months and at least 12 more in the next 18 months. 

So, if you've been wanting another option for sub sandwiches, you will have something available within the next year or so.

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