Soon... not right now...but soon it will be time to start carving your pumpkins again, or to at least have some pumpkins out celebrating the Fall season.

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I was thinking about where the best pumpkin patches are around the St. Cloud area.  I know that you can actually pick up pumpkins at just about any grocery store around the area, but it's always fun to go and pick out your own pumpkin and then bring it home. There is some sort of satisfaction in that.

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The Minnesota Zoo is doing this super cool pumpkin- carved jack-o-lantern trail beginning on October 1st too.  It's modeled after a similar event that happens in Louisville, Kentucky.  You can get some more information on that event here.  

Some of the big pumpkin patches in Minnesota:

Collegeville Orchard in St. Joe, Barten Pumpkin Farm in New Prague, Farmer John's Pumpkin patch in Austin, Luceline Orchard in Watertown.

Where are some more pumpkin patches that are great for kinds and/or families to pick out the best pumpkins for the season?