The wild journey of a lost Farmington, Minnesota dog named Batman had a happy ending when he was reunited with his owner earlier this week. Batman traveled 'well over 100 miles' before finally being tracked down.

Batman wandered away from his home back on August 20th and wasn't found until 18 days later.

According to Lost K9's post on Facebook, the dog spent the first week or so of his journey wandering around Lakeville, which neighbors Farmington, but never settled into one area. The owner then received a pulse-raising phone call that Batman had been spotted crossing Interstate 35, but the dog made it across the highway safely despite heavy traffic.

From Lakeville the dog went to Prior Lake, then to Cleary Lake Park before heading over to Credit River Township, where he apparently spent his days playing with neighborhood dogs. He even followed some dogs into their homes before high-tailing it out of there and heading back to Lakeville.

After a day without updates, Batman was spotted all the way over in Burnsville, then on September 7th he was spotted over in Shakopee's Riverside Bluffs neighborhood. Efforts to recover Batman were complicated by people trying to catch him themselves.


We also had some mishaps that could have cause him his life. People mean well and we understand this however, everytime someone ran after him, called his name, whistled, clapped their hands or followed him too close it made Batman travel further and further. We know they were only trying to help, but believe it or not, there's a lot of skills, knowledge and training to capturing a dog in survival mode. They are so scared and trying to stay alive that they will even run right past their owners and into traffic. Dogs have to smell people's scent, not hear their voices. We all got lucky Batman didnt get hurt or worse. Please, when we asked communities to call in with sightings only, that's honestly the biggest way you can help save any dog's life.

In the end, it turned out to be a little old fashioned lovin' that brought Batman back when Lost K9 brought an in-heat female named Vaeda around the neighborhood he was suspected to be laying low in.

It worked:

"She smelled him and he smelled her, and then there was a lot of “R rated” stuff that I can’t ever unsee. But, no breeding actually happened just more umm, getting to know each other. It took about 30 minutes to get Batman close enough to me so I could lay the slip-lead on Vaeda’s back. To my surprise he actually stuck his head right into the slip-lead. I may or may not have set that hook like a trophy catch."

Batman was reunited with his owner after he "calmed down," and went straight into his bed when he got home for some well-needed rest and relaxation.

K9 Rescue notes on their story:

No dogs are or will become pregnant from this incident! Batman is a very tall boy, and Vaeda is vertically challenged.
We love the fact that Vaeda was a past captured Lost K9 dog, who helped to catch another Lost K9 dog that needed help!
Vaeda is getting a bath and a couple extra treats for her “naughty” behavior!

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