The club scene was starting to pick up steam in 1990. Young people, not quite able to go to an alcohol bar, began to show up in St Cloud after hearing about these teen clubs like Rock-Itz in 1990 (16+ no alcohol) and New Edition in 1991 (18 to dance, 21 to drink). They came from places like Monticello, Cold Spring, Maple Lake, all around Central Minnesota. They wanted to see what the hype was all about -- word had even spread to the Twin Cities.

The nightclubs were starting to step up their game with state of the art sound and lighting systems. New Edition in Waite Park really started the whole thing, and others followed, like the newly renamed Legends, DeSoda's or Club AJ's -- the club that was "way out on 33rd" (old Persian).

If you were hitting the nightclubs back in 1991, you were dancing to these club hits.


Heavy D & The Boyz - "Now That We Found Love"

There was this sense of fun with a lot of hip-hop music back in then. This song was one of them, and it was Heavy D's (R.I.P.) biggest hit.


Black Box - "Strike It Up"

In a previous Lost 90s", we talked about Martha Wash getting screwed by providing the vocals but not getting the credit for quite a few songs. This was one of them as well as the previous hit for Black Box "Everybody, Everybody"


C & C Music Factory - "Here We Go Let's Rock & Roll"

We just mentioned Martha Wash getting denied for singing credit with Black Box. Well, C & C Music Factory did her wrong as well.


Prince - "Gett Off"

You forget what a great club song this was. It had this slower groove, and it was sexy; it made you feel cool, and you didn't even need to be an excellent dancer to dance to it.

Naughty By Nature - "O.P.P"

This song is all kinds of naughty, and all sorts of fun. It's a -- how do I put this -- a "positive" look on cheating. It sounds weird, I know. But when you add the Jackson 5 "ABC" sample, it seems perfectly fine, right? It doesn't matter, it was a very catchy song, and a big club hit.

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