There is something about things going wrong with fast food that makes people completely irrational. It happens all the time. I read a story about it happening seemingly every day. This time it was take out fast food at home in a Minnesota causing someone to lose their mind.

According to The Smoking Gun, Mohamed Aboubaker of Minneapolis was in the home of a couple in Mankato with whom he had been staying for several days. The woman came back to the residence with food from McDonald's. When he discovered that she had ordered him a Quarter Pounder with cheese instead of a Big Mac, Aboubaker lost his mind.

A burger without lettuce, special sauce, and an extra piece of bread in the middle was not what Mr. Aboubaker  wanted at all, and being a subscriber to the notion that fast food order mistakes are grounds for crazy, violent behavior, he did just that.

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An argument ensued and Aboubaker attacked the woman and threw her to the ground in front of her 3-year-old son. From there he went to her purse and took money out of it. The woman would not be subdued so easily. She confronted him and hosed him down with mace, which wasn't actually mace but wasp killer. (I had to hose down a wasp in my house this morning and while I wouldn't like being sprayed myself, I don't think it comes close to mace.)

Aboubaker ran away but was eventually apprehended and charged with a pair of counts of misdemeanor domestic assault.

And I don't think he got his Big Mac, either.

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