One thing we're seeing with COVID-19, is people aren't shaking hands very much. And honestly, shaking hands is kind of stupid anyway. It's really just a sickness transferring method.

I mean, do you really know where other people's hands have been? Are you just going to trust that they washed them after using the bathroom? Plus, what if they have kids? For those of us that are parents, we know that kids are walking Petri dishes anyway.

We asked you on 96-7 The River's Facebook page, what you thought we should do instead of shaking hands? We had some funny response's that were in the form of GIFs so I couldn't put them on here. You'll have to go the Facebook post to see them.

Jake NelsonMy band and I are trying the Headbutt for now. It seems good!


Abigail Roman Uh, just say hello?


Jamie Wandzel Curtsey!


Theresa Elayne I shook someone’s hand today without a second thought! He does sign my paycheck