After stepping on the scale recently, I decided it was time to lose a little weight. I moved to St. Cloud in June from Princeton, and ever since I’ve been gaining weight rather quickly.

There’s just too many wonderful places to eat here. At the beginning of May I weighed 170 pounds, which is pretty acceptable for a guy who is 6’2. Fast-forward three months – last week I weighed 188. What a nightmare! I could not believe that I gained 18 pounds in three months. It’s ridiculous.

Needless to say, I came to the conclusion that I needed to shed my newfound weight. Because I’m impatient and I hate waiting for things, I decided to kick-start my weight loss by doing a three day water fast. For anyone who has in interest in this method of body cleansing and weight loss, this is what I’ve learned:

Day 1. Possibly the hardest part. It’s difficult breaking your eating routines, and this was the Day on which I felt the hungriest. In my experience, if you can get past this phase the rest is a little easier.

Day 2. By the time the 2nd day of my fast came along I actually wasn’t even that hungry. I had increased mental clarity through the day until about 10 pm. Then the lack of food started affecting my mood, but nothing that a good night’s sleep didn’t fix.

Day 3. I’m currently on my 3rd and final day of my fast and I’m starting to feel the effects a little more. My body is lethargic, but feels cleansed. I’m actually still not hungry, and feel as though if I really wanted to I could probably push my fast for another couple of days.

So far, I’ve lost 6 pounds in less than three days. I’ve considered attempting to drag my fast out just a little longer, but more than likely I will treat myself to a good meal tomorrow. I’m sure it’ll be nice to eat again.

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