With 96-7 The River's Dream Getaway #47 just getting underway, we thought this a perfect question for this week's Survey Said. That famous vacation destination can be the first thing you think of, or it can a place you've always wanted to go.

Speaking of, with Dream Getaway, it's your chance to win that vacation of YOUR dreams -- and go when YOU are ready to go. So get the free River mobile app and enter the codes we give you on the app. Just enter your phone number below, and that's it. Don't forget to opt-in for contest alerts to get the bonus code we send out every weekday afternoon. Good luck

Here's How Survey Said Works:

We poll Central Minnesotans -- our co-workers and friends -- anyone that we can (while practicing social distancing of course). We tally everyone's responses, and those answers make up the 'board.' Then we play "Survey Said" on Friday mornings at 7:45.

Call into the River studio at 320-258-3738 to play. You have to give us THREE of the top answers on the board before getting THREE strikes. If you do, you win. Yes, it's similar to the Feud, and if you have watched that game show, you can play. Even if you haven't watched it, you can play. It's not that hard.

Here's an example of how we play the game.

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