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Here are the results based on your vote for Friday, May 22, 2020

Name Something You Mix With Alcohol

  1. Soda/Pop – 21
  2. Juice – 17
  3. More Alcohol – 11
  4. Bad Decisions/Choice – 9
  5. Water/Flavored water – 4
  6. Ice - 3

About Survey Said

We poll Central Minnesotans comprised of our listeners -- our co-workers and friends -- anyone that we can (while practicing social distancing of course). We tally everyone's responses, and those answers make up the 'board.' Then we play "Survey Said" on Friday mornings at 7:45.

Call into the River studio at 320-258-3738 to play. You have to give us THREE of the top answers on the board before getting THREE strikes. If you do, you win a pair of passes to check out 'Riddler's Escape.'

Here's an example of how we play the game.

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