There's always got to be that one person who pushed their vehicle load to the edge of disaster and headed down the road. Well, this one might take the cake.

Sometimes we make due with what we've got to haul loads from point A to point B. Stop by Home Depot once and you'll see this constantly - that car that decided to tie down 10 pieces of sheetrock to the roof and drive down I-94 with their rear end dragging on the road and pieces of drywall flying everywhere. We've all likely done something similar at one point in our life.

The Minnesota State Patrol had a recent occurrence with a semi driver who should have known better than to attempt to haul this. It was so crazy that they took a photo and posted it on their Facebook page:

Who knows if the driver would have even got a permit for this oversize load if he'd actually applied for one. Regardless, this is everything you SHOULDN'T do when hauling. Thankfully he attempted it on a dirt back road!

Here in central Minnesota, there's a lot of large loads that are hauled on our roads. There's plenty that I see that are questionable on the legality of how they're hauling it.

There's strict rules the Minnesota Department of Transportation has in place for hauling on Minnesota roads. They're rules for a reason other than just making the state money, and most of it has to do with safety. We've included a link to Minnesota's hauling rules below.

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