Things that you expect to hear about Minnesota are always comments about the cold weather, fishing, a ton of lakes, the humidity, mosquitoes, "up North", and maybe the accent that we "all" have.  Even though we don't all have that same accent, it is much more prevelant in certain areas, but if you go anywhere else and say that you are from Minnesota, they will usually say "oh, Minne SNOW ta" and think that they are hilarious, and that this is the first time we have ever heard that reference.

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One of the things you really NEVER hear is how awesome any of our beaches are in this state.  You will, of course, hear about beaches in Hawaii, Florida, California, North/South Carolina, basically anywhere there is a coast.  But here we are, Minnesota, and we end up on a list of the best beaches in the United States.

Travel and Leisure magazine has recognized a beach in Duluth, Minnesota as one of the best.  Here is what the magazine had to say about Park Point Beach:

Located on Lake Superior, the largest freshwater lake in the world, Park Point Beach is the world's longest freshwater sandbar. The beautiful beach and its waves have the feel of an ocean locale. It offers great views of Duluth and Lake Superior and is known for its spectacular sunrises. A nearby playground, barbecue grills, and a ball field are all popular with visitors. Leashed dogs are also welcome.

If you read this, one of the things that you will NOT see mentioned is the swimming opportunities.  While yes, it's possible to go swimming in Lake Superior, it's never very warm, so it's usually a "see how long you can stand it" situation.  I have done this, and it was only a few minutes before I needed to get out because it was so cold.  A wet suit or something is generally needed.  But it is very pretty.  And I think that is what the focus is on here.

So, if you are looking for something to do this summer, take a trip up to the North Shore, and make sure to make a stop at Park Point Beach.

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