Helicopter parents, parents trying to be the "friend" and being too involved in children's activities, all of these things are what's considered to be "overparenting".

Parents Giving Children Piggyback Ride On Walk By Lake
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What happens is children have good grades, excel in sporting and extra-curricular activities, get into the best colleges, and have absolutely NO IDEA how to be an adult and function without their parents hovering over them.  Basically their parents have taken care of everything...from doing homework with them, scheduling play dates, getting them into the right classes, going to every sporting event and making sure they have everything they need for the day.  Seems like a good idea, until the kids wind up being completely dependent on their parents.  Since they have had a parent taking care of everything their whole lives and been very successful because of that, it's also made it so they don't know how to take responsibility for anything they have going on after they are out on their own.


 So, what is the answer?  The dean of Freshman from Stanford University has written a book on this issue. "How to Raise an Adult".  Looks like it would be a pretty good read, too.