ST. CLOUD -- A St. Cloud store that specializes in buying and selling used brand name clothing, shoes and accessories has a brand new, larger location.

Plato's Closet moved to Division Place Plaza, 2720 West Division Street, into the former Godfather's Pizza storefront on Aug. 2.

Store manager Kira Hannah says the new store, which needed heavy remodeling, a fresh coat of paint and some deep cleaning, is about 2000 sq. ft. larger than the old location.

"We have a bigger guys' section, a bigger boot area, but mainly it's just a brand new look," says Hannah. "It's nice and clean, bright and open. It's a lot easier to find stuff."

The Plato's Closet target market are young people between the ages of 12 and 25.  Hannah says their customers tend to "grow with them."

"It's fun seeing the little ones shopping with their families and older siblings, and then a few years later, they're the ones shopping," she says. "The stuff that they buy — they can resell to us when they outgrow it. Seeing the same people over and over again is really exciting to us."

Photo: Abby Faulkner, WJON
Photo: Abby Faulkner, WJON

Hannah says, while fall is prime time for shoppers, the spring and summer months are busy with young people selling unwanted items to earn quick cash for trips, events and back-to-school shopping.

There have also been times when they've been surprised by a boom in buy-back business.

"When Marie Kondo came out, that was big and we had a huge two months of people cleaning out their closets," Hannah laughs. "So that was kind of fun to see."

Hannah says they're always looking for all types of brand-name items, but are especially interested in purchasing designer purses and bags, denim, outerwear and men's clothing.

"You don't have to wait for your items to sell. You don't have the hassle of a garage sale. You just bring your stuff, we go through it, we give you a quote, and you can get the cash right away."

Plato's Closet opened in 2000 and is one of 475 around the United States and Canada. It's undergone two expansions since that time.

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