Have we found a possible answer to the violent protests? The videos below show that maybe we have. And it comes in the form of police officers showing support for peaceful protesters by taking a knee.

From the highest-ranking officer in New York to the Sheriff in Atlanta, law enforcement officers, in dozens of cities, all over the country, are trying to help heal a divided nation. I think this is precisely what we need right now.

Many in the law enforcement community are hurting, along with many of us. They don't want to see despicable things happen like in the case of George Floyd or people destroying neighborhoods.

To see these officers go out and connect with the people like this was truly inspirational and made me tear up. I hope this gives you hope. I hope this leads to actual change.


Police officers across the country kneel and pray.


New York












Des Moines


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We will not always agree with each other on everything, and that's okay. We can disagree and still be a civilized society. We can be kinder. We can treat each other better. We can be better ourselves.

I think being better means that some things should and need to happen going forward:

  1. The law enforcement community has to start holding each other more accountable and not turn a blind eye to the wrongdoings of their brothers and sisters. This 'lookout for our own' is fine for some things. But when it comes to evil actions, that has to stop.
  2. Some people need to stop thinking all police officers are corrupt. Most cops I know are good people.
  3. There has to be a better screening process for those trying to become law enforcement officers, along with regular checks and balances of current officers that actually gets enforced.
  4. We need to see more of what we saw in those videos above, both sides coming together.

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