We're all aware of the different types of 'people of Walmart', and now soon you'll see a different type of being running around...robots! They may be taking some jobs away in the near future.

It's a sign of times to come, with robots being considered to do jobs that have always required pay to actual humans. One of the world's largest employers, Walmart, is taking a serious look at replacing some employees with robots to do some jobs much faster than a human can do.

Deseret News reported that Walmart is rolling out testing of "a small army of autonomous scanning robots" in its California stores. They tested this technology last year in about 50 of their stores with successful results.

The robots are about 6-foot tall and have the capability to scan store shelves three times faster than regular employees, and more accurately to help ensure product stock is tracked properly.

Walmart isn't coming out and saying they have a plan of replacing employees with robots though, even though their interest in robots comes at a time when minimum wage increases are forced across many parts of the country. They are wording it as "focusing more on delivering a better customer service experience".

If it doesn't cut jobs and leaves the same amount of employees free to handle other areas of work Walmart needs to improve on to make us shoppers happy, then I'm all for it. Now if they could do something about people shopping in their pajama pants, THAT would be my idea of a "better customer experience"!

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