There is a room in Minneapolis where it is so quiet that it actually measures in negative decibles. A normal quiet room will still measure at about 30 decibles.  It is so quiet that when you are in the room you can actually hear your organs working in your own body.

That is kind of freaky.

This room is at the Orfield Laboratories in Minneapolis.  It's in the Guiness Book of World Records for being the quietest room in the world or the "Quietest Place on Earth". You can take a tour of the entire facility with limited time in the actual quiet room, which is the Anechoic Chamber.  The reason the time is limited is because after about 30 minutes people start to hallucinate.  No one has lasted longer than 45 minutes in the room.  There is a thing called the "Orfield Challenge".  This is an event that you pay for, to the tune of $600 to have your time in the chamber recorded.

If you would like to tour the facility, there are a few options.  There are even options for corporate tours.  The cost isn't exactly cheap, either.  The cost of a tour starts at $125 per person, with a minimum of $250 which means that they will not do a tour for just one person.  There has to be at least two.

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The corporate events last a bit longer than an individual tour.  The corporate events can last a half to a full day, to lasting for multiple of days depending on what the event is.  Bob Dylan actually recorded his song "Blood on the Tracks" in one of the studios.

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