ST. CLOUD -- Many projects are on the horizon for the St. Cloud Area School District in the coming year.

The St. Cloud Area School District held its annual school board reorganizing meeting on Monday and while the faces are the same, there is one small change. Board member and board finance committee member Al Dahlgren has stepped into the role of treasurer.

Jeff Pollreis is returning as board chair for his second term and he says he’s glad he was given the opportunity to do it again.

It probably took me about 8 months to even start feeling comfortable, so I'm glad they gave me a second chance to continue learning how to do the job well.

Pollreis says the board has three big priorities to focus on this year.

Number one as always is, always will be, and always should be achievement for the kids. You've got to make sure every kid gets the support they need, the help they need, and the growth. Number two would be the Apollo referendum because that's coming up this fall. We're still in the preliminary steps. Third, but not least we did start what you know as EPIC and we want to add on to it because it's been such a big hit with the ninth graders.

The referendum to renovate Apollo High School is still in the early stages with architect and construction proposals expected early this year.

Other members of the board are Vice Chair Shannon Haws, Clerk Les Green, Zachary Dorholt, Monica Segura-Schwartz, and Natalie Ringsmuth.

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