If you don't know us very well, we're likely not going to tell you these 'Minnesota' secret things about us!

I love the website OnlyInYourState, and they recently hit the nail on the head with this article talking about confessions from people who live in Minnesota. It's so true for most of us, so I just had to share.

  1. When ANY movie or TV show mentions "Minnesota" in it, we get really excited. It's not just normal excited - we post it all over social media, and people like "me" write stories on it.
  2. We've never eaten lutefisk, but heard it's nasty. Anybody that's not from here thinks we eat this nasty fish on a regular basis. Fact is that most of us have never tried it and never will. The taste is described as completely pungent and awful, making you nearly gag as you try to swallow it. So, no, I'm not ever going to try it.
  3. Jello salads and grape salads aren't really what we prefer in our salad. It's not that we don't completely dislike it, but rather that's what the seniors in our family decide to bring with them to share at family dinners. I've never made them and am confused if I like it or not honestly. It must be popular with somebody since you'll find these salads in the deli cases at every Coborns around here!
  4. We like BOTH Caribou and Starbucks coffee. Some of us have a preference over another, and most of that depends on what's closest to us at the time. Caribou is a Minnesota-born company, so we're partial to that. Starbucks is in Target stores, another Minnesota-born company, so we support them too.

These are just a few of our little secrets. If there's any you'd like to add to the list, comment below and let us know!

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