FAIRHAVEN -- You've had it happen before right? You put your phone in your pocket, purse or car's center console and you accidentally call someone, you "butt-dialed" them.

Sometimes this can be embarrassing and for one group of underage people, a butt-dial put a little more than a damper on their Saturday night festivities.

The Stearns County Sheriff's Office Communication Center received a 911 call on Saturday, December 29 in the evening hours. When the dispatcher answered the call all they could hear in the background was people talking and then the line went dead. As part of normal procedure, the dispatcher called the number back but received no answer. After getting no answer deputies GPS'd the location of the cell phone to a rural area near Fairhaven.


The Sheriff's Office says when deputies arrived at the location of the cell phone, they found several cars outside of shed filled with young people. A party was going on, alcohol was present and deputies say everyone looked underage.

About eight people took off as the cops busted the party. Officers were able to find three of the eight people. In the end, 11 people received minor consumption tickets.

The homeowners weren't home at the time of the party but did later call the police to report all people were accounted for.

Meanwhile, the person who accidentally called 911 admitted to deputies it was a butt-dial.

The Stearns County Sheriff's Office would like to use this as a reminder to never run from authorities, especially in cold weather, you could easily get hurt.

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