No matter what the weather, some people are always game to prepare food with their smoker. The taste is just better for some folks who are year-round making smoke, so to speak.  

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If you are one of those, or you are someone who enjoys using your smoker when the weather is warmer, HEADS UP! There’s been a recall that could affect you. 

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced that the Char-Broil has recalled Digital Electric Smoker due to shock risk. 

Photo Credit: Consumer Product Safety Commission Website
Photo Credit: Consumer Product Safety Commission Website

The company says that the smoker can leak electrical current, posing a shock hazard. Char-Broil urges all their customers who own this product to stop using it immediately, and then contact them for a free repair kit. 

The kits the company will send out will contain a “Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, also known as a “pigtail”, a clamshell enclosure which you will secure to the GFCI Pigtail and a cable clamp to help secure everything correctly. 

Char-Broil says they are including instructions so you can accurately and safely modify your current smoker.  

This was a product that was sold widely across the United States, with at least 211,700 of these models sold in America with about 3,500 sold in Canada.  

Log on to to find out more information or you can send the company an email to  

This recall is just in time for you to make this change and be ready to use your smoker when the warmer weather gets here, or at least use it when you’ve made the change and are ready to try it out.  

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