Everyone loves a great deal, right?  Everyone wants the most for their money no matter what the item is, right?  Like the best price for a house, the best price for a vehicle, and of course, you want the most food for your money.

I personally love Chipotle, and I love their burrito bowls.  The reason that I order those is because I feel like the tortilla is just added calories that are totally unnecessary.  It's just a holder for your food.  Just grab a fork and eat it that way, same deal, just not finger food.  But here is the thing I didn't realize.  You actually get more food in the burrito bowl than you do if  you are just getting the tortilla- like a regular burrito.  Who knew?  Well, someone obviously did  and then came along a little scam.

Here's what people were doing, they would order the burrito bowl, and get the tortilla on the side.  This was simply to get more food than you would if you ordered the burrito the regular way.  More bang for your buck, right?  Well, now Chipotle is hip to that little scam. And they have a way to combat that ordering glitch.

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Chipotle has now  implemented a charge for the tortilla. It's very minimal.  It's only .25 cents, but it's the principle of the thing.  So, now you can't get a "free" tortilla on the side, you do need to pay for it.  It's really just Chipotle letting you know that they are on to you.  If you order the regular burrito without the bowl, then it's just the regular charge without the extra .25 cents.  Is it really that big of a deal?   Do you really get that much extra food?  Maybe my perception is skewed a bit because I usually order mine with either no rice or very light brown rice... light as in not much. So, there's that.

Next time you order a burrito bowl with the tortilla on the side... check your receipt.  You may have an extra .25 cents on there.  Worth it, really.

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