A new law in Minnesota that took effect July 1 allows for the selling of some THC products which includes edibles and beverages.  Some area cities have imposed or are considering imposing a moratorium on the selling of these edibles and beverages.  St. Cloud lawyer Mike Bryant from Bradshaw & Bryant joined me on WJON.  He says federally marijuana products are still illegal which is why only cash is accepted and these businesses don't use banks.  Learn about on this new law.

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Bryant says states vary on what is legalized from nothing, to just medical, to edibles and beverages or all marijuana products.  He says local cities have the authority to do a moratorium at least for a period of time until they have set ways to regulate it.

I asked Mike about sentencing and why some convicted individuals involved with gun crimes get a perceived light sentence.  He says some of these people got deals which reduced the amount of jail time they spend.  Bryant explains that some of those deals backfired because these individuals would go on to commit more violent crimes.  He says that looks bad because maybe they should have received the longer sentence in the first place.

Mike Bryant also weighs in on the investigation into former President Donald Trump's residence from the FBI and the decisions in Kansas and Indiana involving abortion.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation it is available below.





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