When I heard the governor was shutting down gyms as part of the four-week pause, I was shocked. I didn't think that would happen again, and I instantly started to worry. I have a pretty set-in-stone workout routine in a given week that keeps me on track for my health and having that come to a screeching halt as it did in March didn't sound like something I wanted to go through again.

Luckily the gyms were a little more prepared this time around and had a game plan for launching virtual classes. The coaches at Sta-Fit are teaching multiple times a day over Zoom, and it is completely free for everyone. You don't need a membership to be taking these workout classes, you just gotta jump into the totally free Zoom meeting from wherever you are in the world.

They are offering classes like yoga, cardio, core, live kids classes, and the Workout of the Day, which is similar to their Spark training program which is part of my own training regimen. Everything can be modified to your own fitness level, and don't worry if you don't have at home gym equipment. The coaches are gearing these workouts to be doable for literally everyone.

The whole goal for Sta-Fit offering these free classes is just to be a service to the community. Working out is a great way to boost your immune system, and I think we could all use that, especially now.

If you want more information on these free classes, be sure to follow Sta-Fit on Facebook, and pop into a class to check it out. You might even see a familiar face (mine).

*I am a paying member at Sta-Fit, and have done endorsements for them in the past. This story is not an advertisement or something to get you to spend money on their gym, it is merely a post about a free service being offered to the community to keep us all healthy and active.

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