We all know how it goes. We go into Target for one thing and come out with a dozen. Soon you may not even need to go inside to get your Target items!

Much like a couple of the Coborn's stores here in central Minnesota offer, Target is planning to offer drive-up service, where you can order your items, pull up your car, and have them put right into your vehicle...without ever going into the store.

Target just announced this service in a news release. They're calling it "Drive Up", and it's available right now in select Target stores in the Twin Cities. If it proves a success, it's only a matter of time that it'll be in the St. Cloud area stores.

You will need their Target app to use this service. Simply purchase the select items they have as part of this service (about 200,000 items), and choose the "drive up" option at the location of your choice.

Target Corporation

They notify you when the order is ready for pick up, and you click the "I'm on my way" button and head out there. Pretty simple!

I see this as a great service for those lunch hour quick runs, or even the more embarrassing personal items to plop down at the checkout. I'd totally us this if it came to St. Cloud, and might just make me shop at Target more. It may actually help me not fill my cart when I just ran in for deodorant!

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