St. Cloud might not seem like a big city to a lot of people. I’ve met people here who are originally from much larger cities like New York and L.A. But for me, St. Cloud is pretty enormous compared to what I grew up with.

I was born in the middle of nowhere Kentucky, in a little town called West Liberty. The people there were often well meaning, but the only places to visit in town were banks, dollar stores, and churches. It was a boring town. Needless to say when I moved to St. Cloud I felt like I hit the jackpot.


It isn’t so big that it’s uncomfortable and crowded, but it’s also not so small that there’s nothing to do. In fact, in my 7 months of living here I’ve found quite a few fun ways to spend my time. Today I’m going to fill you in on the best places in St. Cloud to spend your Saturday night. Here we go.

  • The Martini Lounge
  • The Red Carpet
  • The Veranda Lounge
  • The Pickled Loon
  • Beaudreau’s Bar And Grill
  • 7 West Tap House
  • Legends Bar And Grill
  • Olde Brick House
  • The Boulder Tap House
  • Old Capitol Tavern

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