I love when I hear stories like this one. Where a really good person who expects nothing gets surprised with something really big.

Robert Reed is a janitor at an elementary school near Memphis.  He has quite the journey to get to school each day. Why does he do it? He loves the people at the school a whole lot. He takes three buss' and even has to walk about two miles each way.

A teacher at the school wanted  to show him just how much he's appreciated so they created a  GoFundMe campaign to buy him a car. There was  a lot of the teachers and parents got in on it and in less than 24 hours later, they already had close to $10,000.

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Robert literally fell to his knees and started crying when they told him. He said the people at the school were basically like family to him. He was just so blown away by this.

The best part about this so many people were so giving he will be able to get a car and still have quite a bit of money left over. The latest update on the go fund me page, I just checked and it was at $47,237!

You can donate if you would like just look up "Transportation for Mr. Reed" on GoFundMe.com.

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