Volume 4 focuses on Central Minnesota hits from the year 1990. These songs are 30 years old now. If you were jamming out to them when you were in your teens or early 20s -- then you are officially old. Get ready to say 'oh yeah, I remember that one.'


The Lost 90s: St Cloud Hits You've Forgotten About [Vol. 4 - 1990]


Linear - "Sending All My Love To You"

Billboard Hot 100: #5 (1990)

Linear was rocking the mullets hard in this video. The Top 40 station, 103.7 KISS-FM at Crossroads Mall, played this a lot when I interned there.

Great YouTube Quote:

i was a kid and I just figured out how to record off the radio. this is the first song I recorded. i stayed close to the boombox for hours just waiting for it to come on. - TomBrazy12Hunnit



The Time - "Jerk Out"

Billboard Hot 100: #9 (1990)

In the 'Me Too' era, this song probably doesn't work but the band and his character have always had that underlying parody about them anyway. The goofy and egotistical Morris Day works because he never took himself too seriously.

Great YouTube Quote:

Another song written by Prince for another artist. He partnered with the Time on a number of songs, including this one. Prince unlike the other songs he helped out on was also helped out by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Janet Jackson's producers and writers.- @Sam S


Glenn Medeiros - "She Ain't Worth It" (featuring Bobby Brown)

Billboard Hot 100: #1 (1990)

In 1990, the 'New Jack Swing' sound was in full swing when this song came out. Glenn admits he can't dance, which is evident in the way the music video was edited.

Great YouTube Quote:

The good ol' days of music that I'd Cabbage patch, butterfly, roger rabbit and do the running man to... "Sighs"

- @RiRi H.



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