"Back in the summer of '92". That's this week's theme for our Lost 90s: St Cloud Hits You've Forgotten, and it's the first of a new "Summer Series" where we will spotlight songs from the summer months of the 1990s.

The Lost 90s: St Cloud Hits You've Forgotten About
"Summer Series - 1992"



TLC - "Baby, Baby, Baby"

Billboard Hot 100: #2 (1992)

Released in the spring of 1992, TLC's "Baby, Baby, Baby" was a HUGE summer song and was a very successful follow up to their debut single, "Ain't Too Proud To Beg." The song proved that TLC wasn't going away anytime soon -- except to go on and have many more hit songs throughout the 1990s.

Great YouTube Quote:

I envy teenagers that grew up in the 90s. Y'all were so lucky lmao. Wish I was born in the 80s so I could've experience times like this because the 90s look like they were so much fun. (I was born in the late 90s so I was too young to understand my surroundings - @Dirty Dan via YouTube


Firehouse - "When I Look Into Your Eyes"

Billboard Hot 100: #8 (1992)

If 2020 had been a typical year, I would be talking about how not only was this song big in the summer of 1992 but that you would have been able to see Firehouse perform it at Moondance Jam this year! But no, the COVID showed up and changed that. But hey, there's next year, right?

Great YouTube Quote:

The day I married my best friend, we had our first dance as this song played in the background. Perfect moment. Nothing quite like the power ballads of that incredible era of music. - @David Tomek via YouTube


KWS - "Please Don't Go"

Billboard Hot 100: #6 (1992)

KWS and their cover of KC & The Sunshine Band's "Please Don't Go" was the only hit for this British group.

Great YouTube Quote:

I wasn't aware that this was a KC Sunshine Band song at first. Great song and version though its original i prefer and is in my vocal range better - @Patrick Ramsey via YouTube


Def Leppard - "Let's Get Rocked"

Billboard Hot 100: #15 (1992)

Let's get rocked? Wait? What can that possibly mean? Hmm. One thing is for sure, Def Leppard has never been real subtle when it came to their lyrics and their references to sex. "Let's Get Rocked" was the first single from their album Adrenalize, which was the first album they released following the death of Steve Clark, and the last Def Leppard album to go platinum.

Great YouTube Quote:

I saw an interesting interview with Phil Collen and he said that since most of the music was written for Adrenalize at the time Steve Clark died, he actually had to try to mimic Clark's guitar style so the songs would sound as Clark had intended. He said that he was fortunate in that he was so familiar with Clark's playing technique, but that it was also very difficult because he had to consciously alter his own style and then keeping the two parts separate in his mind was a challenge. - @Rob Billeaud via YouTube


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