In this week's edition of The Lost 90s, we take a look at a supergroup that lasted about a minute, a pop superstar and a Jamaican artist that had a #1 hit that was played on Central Minnesota radio stations and St. Cloud dance clubs.

The Lost 90s: St Cloud Hits You've Forgotten About
[Vol. 5]

Damn Yankees - "High Enough"

Billboard Hot 100: #3 (1990)

Just like many supergroups, the Damn Yankees were in and out before coming of age (Damn Yankees fans saw what I did there). The band consisted of Tommy Shaw (Styx), Ted Nugent, Jack Blades (Night Ranger), and Michael Cartellone. This song was their only hit.

Great YouTube Quote:

I wish people would just take a second to remember how intense the radio was in 91. I literally remember sitting there hearing High Enough, Lithium, Enter Sandman, and Even Flow in one sitting. The radio was on a total different level back then. - @chabadoogi via YouTube

Paula Abdul - "Rush Rush"

Billboard Hot 100: #1 (1991)

A young Keanu Reeves plays the role of 'the boyfriend' in this video. This song was Paula Abdul's fifth #1 song in a row. According to Billboard, she would go on to make it six in a row.

Great YouTube Quote:

My first ever crush on a Hollywood actor was on Keanu Reeves because of this music video! when ever it would play on MTV (back when they played actual music videos only lol) I would always think, my gosh, he's so dreamy and made me fall in love with this song over and over again. Ahhh, to be a teenager back in the 90s was the best! it takes me back with this song! 😘😍💕 - @J808aaq via YouTube


Ini Kamoze - "Here Comes The Hotstepper"

Billboard Hot 100: #1 (1994)

You might recognize the 'na, na na na na' part. It's sampled from a song called 'Land Of A Thousand Dances' (a favorite song of mine). It was also featured during the end credits of the movie 'The Great Outdoors'.

Great YouTube Quote:

couldn't remember the name of the song so searched 'na na na na na na 90s basketball' and found it - @Dongxue Mo via YouTube



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