It’s hard to believe that it’s October already. It feels like summer just started yesterday. Where did all the time go? I miss summer, but I love fall just as much. Especially October. Halloween is perhaps my favorite time of the year, for no other reason than that I have an excuse to dress up and revert back to being age 12 (you know you do too.)

There’s no better way to celebrate than by dressing up with your buddies. And now a days there’s certainly no shortage of costumes to choose from. Every culture has their favorite themes and to-go-to outfits.

So, just what is Minnesota’s most popular Halloween costume? Drum roll please… and the winner is… The Pumpkin. Seriously?! Pumpkins are the best we can do? I was expecting Hockey Player or Prince or something a little more creative. But hey, I guess its kind of hard to go wrong with a pumpkin. Way to play it safe Minnesota.

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