As a younger person, I was really into writing poetry. I started in writing when I was about 11 years old and wrote poetry regularly until I picked up the guitar when I was 13 (when I just started writing lyrics instead.)

Although my life as a poet didn’t last very long, I did put a lot of work into it over the course of a couple years. I even had a couple of my poems published and won some awards here and there. It was a nice feeling. Part of me wishes I could go back and take it a little more seriously.

If I had the chance to, I definitely would have checked out this event when I was a little younger. Marie Olofdotter will be offering a workshop to young poets (ages 10 and up) where participants explore their lives through the writing of poems. The event takes place at Great River Regional Library (Rockford) on May 17th at 1 pm. You can call the library now to register.

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