The River Morning went high flying for today's Helium Theater. Today's movie was the comedy classic 'Airplane,' and a film that, surprisingly, Jim has actually seen. Congratulations again to Kathy from St. Cloud. She got it right and won $20 to Pizza depot.

The Decision

The inspiration for deciding to go with 'Airplane' came after talking about the passing of Ken Osmond on the show yesterday. Ken played Eddie Haskell on 'Leave It To Beaver.' So that got me thinking about that show, which led me to think about all the characters in it and led to the mother played by Barbara Billingsley. Well, I can't think about her without thinking of her jive-talking translator scene in the movie 'Airplane.' So there it is.

Now, there's a couple of problems with choosing a scene from that movie:

  1. A lot of scenes are just too visual and don't translate to the radio. (jive-talking)
  2. Some could get us in trouble. (jive-talking?)

But we did find a scene that would work for the three of us.

Helium Theater From Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

The best line is at the end.


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Let's See What You Got

Would you like a part in a future episode of Helium Theater? Email us at Don't worry about your acting skills. We certainly don't impress anyone. But we have fun doing it.

Helium Theater happens Wednesday mornings at 7:45. We act out a scene from a movie. Then we add a helium FX to it, and you have to figure out what movie it is. If you're the first person to give us the correct answer, you win $20 to Pizza Depot.

Classic HT

Let's go back to the very first Helium Theater installment from January 8th, 2020. See if you know this movie.


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