Most of us don't even realize when new laws are put into effect. But it's important to know, because there are some good ones!

1. Safe Seniors Act: Investment advisors and broker dealers can often see when someone is trying to financially exploit seniors or other vulnerable populations — individuals 65 and older, according to the law, or legally defined as vulnerable — and the act will give them the ability to report the potential threats to the state, followed by giving law enforcement an opportunity to intervene.

2. Siblings Bill Of Rights: Establishes a set of rights for foster care children, including the right to be placed with their siblings when possible and to visit their siblings.

3. Service Dogs:  A new law will make it a crime to knowingly misrepresent an animal in one’s possession as an assistance animal in a public place to obtain rights or privileges available to someone who qualifies for a service animal under state or federal law.

These are just a handful. There are many more new laws in effect, and you can read about all of them by clicking here. 


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