Out cruising around St. Cloud today, I found a giant pumpkin. My first thought was that can't be real. I pulled my car over in the parking lot to check it out. I went up close to take a good look at it and to my dismay it was real. There I was in the parking lot at St. Cloud Financial Credit Union snapping pictures and posting snaps like a crazy person. I even went inside to see if the person who grew the pumpkin works there.



The teller I spoke with at the credit union said yes he does work there, then called for him, but he was out on vacation until later this month. She told me that the pumpkin was grown by the credit union's Solutions Manager, Chris Qualley. The pumpkin out side weighed a total of 1,400 pounds and the employee thought it won 2nd place in a pumpkin contest in Anoka. That would not be surprising. I asked the lady how long it took for the guy to grow a pumpkin that size and she said it grew during this harvest season. For some reason, I was thinking this pumpkin had to be growing for years.



Chris Qualley holds the record for the heaviest pumpkin grown in Minnesota at over 1,900 pounds. The pumpkin outside The St Cloud Financial Credit Union weighs 1,400 pounds. I have never in my lifetime, seen anything like it.




I am planning on stopping by with my children to take a picture in their Halloween costumes to take a picture with this giant pumpkin. I think it's pretty neat. You can too. It's located 3030 First Street South, St. Cloud.



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