So... it has come to this?

I went to a Holiday gas station in Sauk Rapids the other day when a sign on the front door caught my eye. I had to do a double-take because I just could not bring myself to believe that this sign was even necessary in a civilized society.

"Thank you for being kind to our team members. We are working hard to look after you. Enjoy your visit to Holiday."

Instead of a sign like "Now Hiring" or "No shoes, no shirt, no service," we have gotten to a point in our society that we have to ASK people nicely just to be kind to the person working at the gas station. Gross. We can all do better.

When I asked the employee at the store about the sign, they said that MOST of the people they encounter on a daily basis are great and friendly BUT they have had some incidents where people have yelled and have allegedly even had things thrown at them.

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EVERYONE deserves respect and NO ONE should feel uncomfortable at their job because some whacko might come in and start slinging Twizzlers around because gas costs over $4/gallon. I don't know what Holiday workers get paid but I can promise you it ain't enough to deal with all that.

I have never had anything but positive interactions with the employees of convenience stores and gas stations. Even in situations where I felt like I was being wronged (the car wash broke down, I was overcharged etc) I kept a level head and worked toward a reasonable resolution.

In fact, I cannot even imagine a scenario in which I would flip out at the guy working behind the counter at a Holiday. Like, what could go THAT wrong where you just need to shout at someone doing their job like that?  And in what universe is yelling at the employee going to improve the situation?

To the 90% of folks who are decent and friendly, keep up the great work. To the rest of you... do better, and you shouldn't need a sign to remind you.


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