Toys 'R' Us left St. Cloud a couple years ago, and forced us to head to the Twin Cities to get that special "kid's" toy or to buy directly from their website. Now the reality hits as they just shut that down too.

Yesterday many people trying to get some online shopping done at got a dose of reality that they really are going away...the website just shut down all of its online shopping capabilities.

If you've checked out their website, you're greeted with the following message:

Thanks for visiting. We have shut down the website for any purchases but our brick and mortar stores are open and holding going out of business sales. You can keep up-to-date with the sale at and liquidation-going-out-of-business-FAQs. We encourage you to stop by your local store and take full advantage of the deep discounts and deals available. Thank you for your business and support over the years.

Sincerely, Toys”R”Us and Babies”R”Us teams.

Toys 'R' Us announced recently that they're calling it quits and all 735 Toys 'R' Us and Babies 'R' Us stores in the U.S. will be closing due to financial troubles.

This comes at a time when many big box retailers are facing a difficult time making profits -- with many fingers pointing to being the culprit. This is also the reason many local retailers are having a hard time keeping their doors open as well, as online shopping with free 2-day shipping being very popular right now.

Many people who have received a gift card for Toys 'R' Us/Babies 'R' Us are scrambling right now to try to get their money out of it, especially now that the website shopping has been taken down.

Good Housekeeping posted a story that talks about how TODAY is your last chance to have any hope of using those gift cards. Bed Bath & Beyond is offering a gift card exchange program, which is helpful if you live up here in central Minnesota as we have one of those stores here.

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