As a lover of all things alcoholic, there are a few types of drinks that I rank higher than the rest. My favorites are dark beer (cough cough, GUINNESS) martinis, and last but not least, red wine.

I’ve become something of a wine snob over the past year or so, and right now it’s probably my favorite drink. It just seems to go down well in any situation, whether it’s a light lunch or a late night party. I love my wine. That’s why I’m pretty stoked for the Waconia Wine Festival.

From July 28th – 29th attendees will be touring all three of Waconia's wineries (Sovereign Estate, Parley Lake and Schram Vineyard) and will be able to drink all the available wines along with some craft beers and food. It lasts from noon to 6 pm both days. All tickets are sold at the doors of each winery ($10 a ticket) and obviously, you have to be 21 to enter.

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