This just seems too stupid for words.  Why would you do this?  Remember when people would try and hide their nicotine addiction?  Well, apparently those days are over.  At least for some.  

Getty Images/iStockphoto

People are starting to take wedding photos with both the bride and groom and the wedding party showing huge vaping clouds all in unison for the pictures.  It's so weird.  First of all. have you ever thought that over amounts of fog or smoke make great people shots?  Maybe it does for landscapes... but when a face is completely obliterated by a cloud of vaping smoke, that seems bad. Like I get the feeling that people who do this are going to look back and think... 'what were we thinking?'.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Well... if you want to join the trend... have at 'er, but make sure you have some completely normal photos taken as well because this is really just kind of stupid, not to mention, unhealthy.

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