We've all been in conversation and went to Google to get the quick answer, it's the world we live in. Here's what Minnesotans ask Google 'why do' the most.

How many times at Thanksgiving did you grab your phone, or had somebody else do it, to ask Google the answer to a question? I know I personally did it twice! It happens nearly every day all around the country.

AT&T All Home Connections did some research and found out what Google says is the most asked "why do" question in every state, and here's the results.

AT&T All Home Connections

For some reason Minnesotans ask "why do apples float" more than anything else. We had to see what Google says about that, and here's what they say:

Apples can float because 25% of their volume is air. If an item is more dense than water it will sink, it is less dense it will floatApples are less dense than water, so they float!

There truly are some odd questions that Google gets asked, and they've got an answer for most things. Here's the oddest questions we found most asked by some other states:

  • California - Why do flies like poop
  • Idaho - Why do men have nipples
  • Michigan - Why do I have diarrhea
  • North & South Dakota - Why do dogs eat grass
  • Indiana & Colorado - Why do my boobs hurt

I guess when you think about it, we've all wondered about these things, but how many of us actually decided to ask Google for the answer?

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