Next time you're driving down the road, try to imagine what people instantly assume about you, just because of the color of the car you're driving.

Not only does the color of your car reflect what people first assume about your personality, but it also can make people instantly attracted to you, or turned off!

According to ThisIsMoney, 1 in 5 motorists find it sexy to drive a black car. 1 in 4 motorists find it a turn off toward somebody who drives a brown car.

Happy people - Almost 1.2 of the population thinks that if you drive a yellow or red car, that you're a happy person.

Lead foots - Pink cars get speeding tickets more than any other color, followed by green, black, then white.

Short tempers - Road rage drivers are in a gold colored car more than any other color.

Overall nice - If you want to be taken as truly "Minnesota nice" then your best bet is to drive a blue car.

Adventurous - Most of the time that's a good thing, but paired with the 'angry' personality, it's not so good. This is what driving a red car makes people think you're all about.

Both my wife and I drive black vehicles, that's the color we like and feel sexy driving around in. Personally seeing a cherry red sports car will sexy up anybody, and don't feel they are angry people. The adventurous part is cool to me too!

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