I've had an early case of spring fever this year, and I've got Shamrock Shakes on the brain. Is there anything better than a delicious mint treat in the dead of winter? No, I didn't think so either.

So, when exactly will McDonald's roll out their famous Shamrock Shakes? Well, they haven't made any official announcements yet this year. And, for that reason, I'm a little bummed out.

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However, last year the frozen treat was back on the menu starting February 15, with an official announcement from McDonald's at the beginning of February. So, if we're on last year's timeline, we've got less than a month until we get to enjoy Shamrock Shakes again.

The Shamrock Shakes are my sign of spring, but they're really meant to be a celebration of St. Patrick's Day. The holiday falls on the same day every year. It's always March 17. This year's it's a Thursday whereas last year it fell on Wednesday. That makes me think that maybe the chain restaurant will be operating on the same timeline again this year.

Last year's press release said, "While you can’t always count on the Groundhog avoiding its shadow, or the weather getting warmer anytime soon… you can count on Shamrock Shake Season to make you feel like spring has sprung."

Alright, McDonald's...we're making our own prediction. We're forecasting the St. Cloud area will be cloudy with a chance of Shamrock Shake on February 15, but only time will tell.




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