Do you think you know your neighborhood, your town, your region, or state? Are you highly observant and have a great memory to go with it? Do you like trying to solve puzzles and mysteries? Then this may be fun for you.


Here's how it works. We took a picture of something that is somewhere in the Central Minnesota/St. Cloud area. Then we blurred the picture. But we're not leaving you with just that. We will give you clues to help you out. Let us see if you can you guess where the blurred photo is? We will reveal more shortly. And later we will put up the unblurred photo.

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I am a body of water in Minnesota and occasionally you may see our state bird hanging out with us as well.

River Blurry pic.JPG


People can hear me in cities all over Central Minnesota and all over the country. And while I may be in many locations, I originate from only one.

TS Blurry pic 2

I am small in size, but I can be really loud. How loud I am is up to you.

TS Blurry Pic 3

Do you think you know where and what I am? We will let you know if you are right when we reveal the unblurred photo soon.



If you guessed TownSquare Media on Lincoln Ave in St. Cloud, MN you guessed right.

TownSquare Media on Lincoln Ave in St Cloud MN
TownSquare Media on Lincoln Ave in St Cloud MN


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