Just take a stroll around various areas of St. Cloud and I guarantee you'll see somebody wearing pajama pants at least once. It needs to stop.

About 10 years ago we had a fad all over the U.S. with wearing fleece pajama pants in public. Just like Zubaz (back in the 80's), this fad passed as quick as it came out, and most people quit wearing them in public.

Just go to a Walmart, doesn't matter if it's Sartell or St. Cloud, you're guaranteed to see people wearing these. Not picking on Walmart, but I see it every time I go there, like they encourage it!

My wife and I went out to a local sports bar on Friday night and saw a female hanging out with friends, enjoying food and drinks, and wearing fleece pajama pants! It looked terrible and completely sloppy. The way she was inhaling buffalo chicken wings and licking her fingers, I don't think she really cared what others thought.

It might be time to ban these in all possible ways, inside the house and out. if you wear pajamas in the house, consider some nice cotton ones, so you wouldn't even remotely consider wearing them outside. What's next, wearing a robe to the grocery store?

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