Consistency. Being the same, day in and day out. Some companies set their business model to be built on consistency.  

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In a world where everything is costing more, it’s hard to find a company that hasn’t raised their prices. There has been one company that fit that concept, Planet Fitness. They’ve been offering memberships to their locations for the same price, $10, for twenty-six years. 

But that is about to change. According to The Morning Brew, Planet Fitness has announced their membership fees are now going up to $15 per month from the $10 per month they’ve become known for.  

Planet Fitness Revenue Rises Over 11 Percent In Quarterly Earnings Report
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At a time when people are trying to save as much money as possible, the fitness chain saw their profits in the first quarter come in weaker than expected.  

Planet Fitness And The Judgement Free Generation
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The company has been attractive to customers over the years, for a couple of reasons. The $10 basic membership, also for their slogan “the judgement free zone”. This targeted those that were not in good shape and made them feel as if they had a place to go without the worry of being picked on or harassed while they worked out.  

The pandemic was brutal on fitness facilities and some of them were just beginning to get back on their feet when prices started increasing on everything from gas to food to medicine.  

Planet Fitness Wall Street Grand Opening
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The American consumer is having to deicide more carefully on when and where they spend their money. Getting in shape or staying in shape has become one of those “choices” people are having to decide if they can afford it. And I’m sure this move will make it harder for some to continue to justify spending that money. 

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