All this week, your worst night out could get you an awesome night out! Each morning I'll be taking calls about your worst night out in Minnesota, and if it's the best one each morning, you get 4 passes to get into comedy night at Benton Station on Saturday night.

Here's what we're looking for -- You've gone out with high hopes of an awesome night ahead of you, and it made a turn for the worst and easily made the top of your list of "worst night out ever". It doesn't matter if it's clean, dirty, or if the night was just a complete let-down, we want to know about it. Bad date? Completely wasted and woke up in jail? Got into a bar fight? Whatever it is, you can finally air it out.

Comedy laughing

Be sure and listen for me to start taking calls at 320-258-3738 at 7:30 am each morning this week and see if your "worst night out" story takes the cake! You could be going to Benton Station in Sauk Rapids for comedy night this Saturday night.

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