Having a piece of history is something a lot of people have interest in. No matter if it’s a part of American or Minnesota’s history, sports history, military history, being able to possess something that has been around for many years is appealing for sure. 

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If you are one of those people who has an interest in not only owning something historic, but preserving that something, this may be just the thing for you.  

In our neighboring state of Wisconsin, The Superior Entry Lighthouse is on the market again. The 5-story landmark was sold in 2013 but was then returned to the government by the buyer because of how limited the opportunities were for the property. 

The City of Superior doesn’t have an interest in maintaining it due to the costs of repairs and then the operation of the facility. The beacon is still utilized by the United States Coast Guard who has an easement on the property for that reason.  

The other parts of the lighthouse include a basement and a two-story living area in addition to the light tower.  

The hopes are that a non-profit organization will have an interest in becoming the caretaker of the property, but if that doesn’t happen the property will be on the market for the general public.  

Yahoo says the lighthouse sits at the end of a U.S. Army Corp of Engineers breakwater and a lease would need to be obtained and they would have oversight on what could and could not be transported to the location.  

The sell price in 2013 was $159,000. You can find out more about the property on the National Lighthouse Preservation Act Page.  Anyone interested in the property would have to submit their intentions by August 5th.  

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