There's a difference between having your groceries delivered to your front step, and having the delivery person put them away for you. Walmart is trying to do just that.

Front door deliveries are common today. From Coborn's Delivery, to Amazon Prime, Minnesotans are completely used to it. Delivery people actually coming into your home and putting your groceries away for you, that's a different story.

Consumerist just reported that Walmart is planning to test out a new service that not only delivers your food to you, they go into your house and put them away as well!

Here's how it is supposed to work...

You place the order online, and the delivery person comes to your door. If nobody answers, they use a one-time door lock code and enter your home and proceeds to put away your groceries in the refrigerator! There's an app that lets you keep an eye on them as they do all this, but it's still a little creepy to me.

They plan to test this service out in the Silicon Valley, California before rolling it out everywhere in the U.S., which is a good idea cause I really think it's an idea that will completely fail.

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